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ASP Mission

ASP will deliver a first-class STEM education that will further our students towards becoming well-rounded, English-speaking, critical thinking students that are fully prepared for further study at an international schools.


1. The first and only truly STEM-focused American school in South Korea.

2. US elementary school curriculum taught by licensed teachers.

3. STEM curriculum resources from MIT, Harvard, and the Museum of Science in Boston.

4. Makerspace with 3D printers, computer lab, and robotic and electronic supplies.

5. Going beyond academics, ASP will develop the whole student to become a good and responsible citizen with such things as ‘Hello/Thank you” and “Do five good things a week” campaigns.

6. Entire five-storied building devoted to ASP students (K to 6), which includes a Makerspace, cafeteria, 300 square meters of play area, and an art & music room.

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