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About the Early Childhood Education Program at ASP


The Early Childhood Education program at American STEM Prep School aims to provide a safe and developmentally appropriate environment for every child. Our main focus is to provide a stimulating and positive learning environment which promotes each child’s social, emotional, and intellectual growth by recognizing the strengths, diversity, and uniqueness of all who learn. Using their personal interests and creativity, we foster a meaningful, enjoyable, and enriching environment that nurtures their young minds.

In addition, our internationally diverse student body and faculty offers students the chance to strengthen their understanding of cultural diversity.


1. Curriculum

     - Minnesota Common Core Standard, Kindergarten

     - EIE STEM Program

     - Project-Based Curriculum ( Student-Centered )

     - Early Childhood Education with an English foundation

     - Education tailored to age-appropriate learning and programs

     - Organized system provides organic instruction for each age

2. Environment

     - Full staff of certified teachers ( ECE / Elementary Teaching License )

     - Age-appropriate teacher to student ratio in the classroom

     - Kid-friendly facilities

     - Standalone building for students


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