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American STEM Education


American STEM Prep. is part of the American STEM Education(ASE) based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States. ASE provides professional services to International K-12 Schools making it possible for them t­­o offer high quality American Education for their students and parents, especially but not only for STEM programs.

Greeting from the Chairman of ASE

Dear Parents,

This fall, American STEM Prep school will open in Gwanggyo,Korea with the support and encouragement of American STEM Education (ASE) LLC. This school is the culmination of nearly two decades of dreaming and planning.

The two organizations, ASP and ASE, are made up of educators who have spent significant years in, and in my case, an entire lifetime, teaching and directing American Schools in the United States and in Asia.   We have all worked for international education organizations and American school districts for decades gaining insights, skills and ideas about what makes excellent schools places where all children thrive and learn.

We have learned that excellent schools need owners that have a deep understanding of not only their students, but also the cultures and families they come from.  These people must be able to effectively communicate with parents and to really embrace their hopes and dreams for their children.  Successful schools also must have both administrators who always make decisions based on what’s good for students and teachers who love what and who they teach.   Students also need to be exposed and engaged in an effective, relevant curriculum that is taught in a safe and healthy environment.

These are the keys to student success and I believe that, from day one, these are what students at ASP can expect to experience.  I have helped found a half dozen American schools in Asia and I have never been as excited or enthusiastic as I am about ASP. 

I can also add that I have never been as proud to be involved and to be able to welcome parents and students to what will be the first great adventure of their lives


David M. Flannery, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Board at American STEM Education


What ASE provides:


Detailed Curriculum Analysis and Support with Implementation.

Management and Organizational Assessment.

Teacher, Administrator and Staff recruitment.

Established Standards of Excellence.

Instructional Monitoring and Development.

Instructional Materials, Management Programs and Technology Recommendations.

Support for Language Acquisition Programs.

Accreditation Preparation.

Guidance and Support in Starting Schools.

Support to Operate Schools by sending Operations Professionals.

Support for the Financial Management of Schools.

Branch schools







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